Monday, 23 June 2014

Smart phone data security in case of theft

In these fast moving days, every individual are using smart phone these days, as its easier to work on these phone on the go. 3G and 4G launch in Pakistan will also play a vital roll in usage of smart phones across country.

According to a crime reports it is estimated that over 3.1 million mobile devices are snatched nationally, and ratio is increasing day by day.

i-phone-theftNow there is good news for smart phone users to keep their data secure in case of any snatching is that Google and Microsoft are planning to integrate a “Kill Switch” option into their next versions smart phone OS. By this function in case of any theft and robbery the user has to use this “Kill Switch” option and all the data will be removed from that specific smart phone i.e IMEI.

Draw backs of this function identified by the experts are that, if a phone is turned off or in flight mode, then phone set will not receive any kill signal.


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