Saturday, 12 April 2014

World Street Children Day and Pakistan

street-children-mealStreet children are those children who are homeless and live on street of city. There might be hundreds of issues that lead towards to become street children.
Some children ran away from their home due to their parents behavior, poverty is also one of the major cause for this issue as well. Whatever the issues are but the main point of concern is that the population ratios of street children are increasing day by day in Pakistan. Today on the day of street children a survey shows that there are over 15 laces children who are homeless and living on street.
This causes some serious issues to these children, as they gets involved in drugs, crimes, sexual relations, they live on streets, they have no future, use to beg around on different streets and traffic signals etc.
Different NGO’s are working in Pakistan on these children, to prevent them to get involved in bad habits and dieses. Few of the NGO’s provide meals to these children so they will not get their self involved in any criminal act just to extinguish their tummy’s fire.

One of the NGO working with UNICEF did a tremendous job this year, when they took some talented street football players and took them to street children world cup in Brazil, and everyone knows how splendidly these children performed in that world cup and scored third position.
NGO’s are working on these issues, why not Pakistani government? We should individually support these children in any ways.
Start supporting these children and help Pakistan not to increase its poverty and crime ratio.


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