Monday, 20 October 2014

An unrevealed advantage of Cigarettes

cigarettes-vertical-photoHave you ever heard any advantage of cigarettes? Since decades cigarettes and smoking is known as the cause of cancer, Asthma and cardiac diseases, but now for the first time in history scientists have found out an advantage of this bad named product.

Chines researcher from Academy of Science China have found out that the ash of cigarettes can be used to remove Arsenic from drinking water.

Arsenic is a taste less and order less semi metal element which enters in drinking water and can be cause of skin diseases, cancer and different lungs issues.

cigarettes-ashAlthough process of separating Arsenic from drinking water is quite expensive and costly, but Chines researchers have found out the cheapest way by using ash of cigarettes and combining it with aluminum, via this method Arsenic can be removed completely from drinking water, and they have found out positive response by this experiment.

Now scientists are working on uses of cigarettes ash on cell phone batteries to increase its durability and using cigarettes ash in concrete manufacturing.


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