Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Muslim scientist gaining their mount again in technology - Havin-2


In this energy alternative time Iran’s student has successfully designed a solar car, which can speed up to 150kph and if its lithium-Ion batteries are fully charged then it can drive for consecutive 4 hours.

Student of Qazvin Azad University Tehran invented Havin-2 or Brilliant Sun in April 2014. The weight of this vehicle is 220 kilogram, 15 feet long, 6 feet wide, with a bubble shape cockpit for driver, photovoltaic cells covering 65 square feet.

Relationship between Washington and Iran are not going in suitable manners but this was never a hurdle for Iranian students, as they will be participating in American Solar  Challenge trip taking place United State of America this July 2014.

Iranian students will shine for their Islamic nation in United States, amongst 19 other strong competitors.

Recent Breaking NEWS wishes these brilliant Islamic students a very best of luck for their upcoming Solar Challenge.


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