Thursday, 19 June 2014

Depression leads to Infertility in males

Infertility is general a term used for women who can not able to carry pregnancy. There are many other medical reasons of this state and this is not specified to women only, as 40% of infertility is due to men, women’s also share 40% and rest of the 20% might be due to other birth complications.
males-InfertilityThis issue had elevated up to 4% since 1980’s, and one of the men’s infertility reason has been highlighted now a days that depression among couples can leads toward men’s infertility.
Depression can cause danger in men’s semen quality, and it is as dangerous as drugs intake. It can cause low sperm count, and it is unsafe because it can not be treated through any surgery and hormonal substitution.
Taking stress or being depressed can cause other medical issues as well, so it’s better to get your life balanced, and always believe in GOD, and try to make things better around you.


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