Monday, 7 April 2014

WWE - Wrestle Mania 30

Finally the main event of WWE for the year 2014 is finished with some unexpected and amazing results. After 21 years the legendry streak of 21-0 has comes to its end. For the first time in the history of Wrestle Mania, one super star got 2 matches, and won both of them to become WWE World Heavy weight Champion in a triple threat match.

21-1 Streak Broken


undertaker-fans-shockedundertaker-lostBrock Lesnar (Beast) got victory over the Dead man (Undertaker) and beats his unbeaten streak to 21-1. Shock and pain was everywhere around the arena on the face of Taker's fans when Beast conquered his destination and broken the UN-broken.

Fans of the dead man was shocked and was not in a phase of expecting the defeat against the beast.

WWE World Heavy weight Champion
Daniel Bryan got his title after a long struggle and all the hurdles created by the authorities. Daniel Bryan (Beard) defeated HHH first to qualify for the title shot in a triple threat match against the title defender - The Viper (Randy Orton) and the Royal Ramble winner - Animal (Batista).

Daniel Bryan showed his class and love to fight attitude and won both games to become the new WWE World Heavy weight Champion.


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