Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Ferrari’s designer is designing a Five star train now


Just think of situation that what will be the outcome when a super car’s designer will design a train?

Japan’s bullet trains are counted in world’s fastest bullet trains, but now Japan is coming up with a new idea in trains that Japan is introducing a 5 star hotel, which is expected to be launched on 2017.

Interesting thing is that Ken Okuyama is designing this train. Ken Okuyama is the designer for Ferrari and he is working on this train with JR East railways Japan.

Five-star-train-Japan-5Purpose of this train is to provide five star luxuries to train passengers. Only 34 passengers can travel at a time on this cruise train, and this train is divided in to 10 compartments. This train is equipped with double story duplex and suites with double bed, attached bathrooms and lounge area. Piano bar and dining area are also part of this amazing train.
Ticket rate are not yet decided. People who love to travel and travel via trains will be waiting for this amazing ride.


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