Monday, 21 July 2014

Israel’s terrorism in Palestine (Gaza) – Death toll raised up to over 547.

Jewish cannot be a true friend of Muslim. This statement is being proved by the official Jewish nation Israel.

Now it’s been more than 14 days and Israel is continuously showing its real face of cruelty and brutality over Palestine. More than 547 people including over 200 children have been martyred, and soil of Palestine has been turned into muddy blood. United Nation is showing silence on this issue.

Israel is attacking not only through land forces, but air attacks and using chemical missiles as well. Hundreds of innocents children are losing their lives in very agonizing way, and there is no one who can stop this wicked war of death. This Jewish country is attacking in hospital, schools and residential areas to show their horrible face.

Islamic nation are gathering together and forcing on United Nation to take notice on this issue. Especially Egypt and Pakistan is forcing hard to United Nation. Whereas protest against cruelty of Israel are in progress around the world.

On special requests and continuous follow-ups of Egypt and Pakistan, United Nations has called a meeting today, in which this issue was discussed, and due to which John Carry will reach Qaira today.

President of United State of America had a telephonic conversation today with prime minister of Israel and insisted him to stop this war immediately.

It’s been over 2 weeks of this brutality and world is just woke up to solve this issue, when hundreds of innocent people have been martyred without any reason.

Recent Breaking News pray for this poor and under attacked nation, and ask United Nation to get into this serious issue, and try to resolve this pending issue as soon as they can, and as Israel to hold their horses, and try to use their power where it can be utilized properly.

  Islam is the religion of peace and all Muslims want peace.


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