Tuesday, 15 July 2014

15 month old US baby survived fall from 11 story building

In Minnesota (USA), Musa Dayib a 15 months old baby boy from the large Somali American community of Minneapolis has been nicknamed as “the miracle baby” after dodging death despite slipping through the railing.

Dayib got injuries such as fracture to his arms, backbone and his ribs; Dayib also suffered a concussion and is breathing through a ventilator. It was about an death fall, but it was really a miracle to have only injuries.
 the-miracle-babyAccording to local media, Tina Slusher from intensive care unit at Hennepin County Medical Center said that “If you and I fell that far, we would be dead,” the Star Tribune reported.

Almost half of the apartments in this plaza are equipped with balconies. After this incident residents have suggested installing an extra lock or latch to secure the door that opens to the balconies.


This incident was occurred on May 11, and after 2 weeks spending in hospital, Musa Dayib has been discharged from the hospital and now a day he is properly fit and enjoying his child life.


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