Monday, 9 June 2014

Saudi's adopting western culture

sudia-arabia-cinemasSaudia Arabia is the only state in which no laws are govern by any government. It is the pure Islamic state running under Quran's Law.
Since its a Islamic state and there is not a single theater for over 27 millions of peoples as audio visual movies as supposed to be indicate in Islam. There were many cinemas in late 1970's in Saudia Arabia but now a days there is not a single one.
By the passage of time, its in news that a foreign investor has applied for an Cinema opening in Saudia Arabia, and as per different resource KSA's ministry has also approved this application as opening of cinema can help their economy to grow, because as per different resource Saudi citizens spend over $1 billion on watching movies by traveling to Behrin and Dubai.

This will be happening for the first time in this grate Islamic estate, or it can be the indication that this hub of Islamic nations is adopting western culture or Saudi's are moving towards more civilization.


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